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About Us

Our Story

For over two decades, Elite Visa Thailand Co., Ltd. has been the beacon guiding individuals and corporations through the intricate tapestry of legal and immigration landscapes in the Kingdom. Our company has become synonymous with the epitome of exclusivity and refined living in Thailand.

Our seasoned team of legal and immigration experts has cultivated a reputation for excellence, ensuring that every client’s journey is not only seamless but also marked by unparalleled professionalism.

We are driven by values

As the General Sales and Services Agent of the prestigious Thailand Privilege Visa, formerly Thailand Elite Visa, Elite Visa Thailand Co., Ltd. takes pride in offering an exclusive gateway to unparalleled privileges and experiences in the Kingdom. Our role as a trusted partner in the Thailand Elite program reflects our dedication to providing clients with not only legal expertise but also unique opportunities for a luxurious lifestyle in Thailand.

Super Efficient

Stands as a beacon of super efficiency, delivering swift and first class legal and immigration solutions.

Deeply Committed

Deeply committed to delivering exceptional legal and immigration solutions through the Thailand Privilege Visa program.

Highly Skilled

Blending extensive legal and immigration expertise with over 20 years of experience and delivering top-tier services.

Rex Baay

Rex Baay

Thailand Elite Visa Manager

Prachya Senavat

Prachya Senavat

Customer Services

Theerapong Pornsagunpaisarn

David Pornsagunpaisarn

Business Development and Partnership