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Thailand Privilege Visa Reserve Membership

The Reserve membership is exclusively offered to a select few through invitation, owing to its extensive array of premium privileges. If you are fortunate enough to receive such an invitation, you’ll be bestowed with privileges so extensive and prestigious. It is designed for individuals who desire an extended and luxurious stay in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand. Offering a unique blend of privileges, this Thailand Elite Visa membership allows cardholders to enjoy the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and remarkable services of Thailand, all while basking in an aura of exclusivity and convenience. Let’s delve deeper into the particulars of the Reserve Membership, highlighting its outstanding benefits and features.

Features and Benefits

  1. Extended Stay Privileges: The Reserve Membership grants a long-term visa that allows cardholders to reside in Thailand for an extended period without the hassle of constant visa renewals. It provides a five-year renewable visa, ensuring a worry-free, continuous stay.
  2. Elite Personal Assistance: Upon arrival at any major Thai airports, members receive personal assistance from an Elite Personal Assistant. From fast-track immigration to expedited customs clearance, cardholders enjoy a seamless and comfortable arrival and departure experience.
  3. Complimentary Limousine Transfers: Members can travel in style with complimentary limousine transfers available for a specified number of trips. This premium service ensures a comfortable and elegant commute to and from the airport, as well as other destinations within the city.
  4. Exclusive Health & Wellness Packages: The Reserve Membership offers a myriad of health and wellness packages, designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its members. From annual health check-ups to spa treatments, members can indulge in services that prioritize their well-being.
  5. Golf & Spa Treatments: Enjoy complimentary green fees and spa treatments offered at selected premium golf clubs and spa centers. These services are designed to provide members with recreational options that mirror the luxury and comfort epitomized by the Reserve Membership.
  6. Elite Vacation Club Access: Gain access to the Elite Vacation Club that opens doors to exclusive vacation packages and travel services. With preferential rates and tailor-made travel plans, members can explore Thailand’s hidden gems with unparalleled ease and luxury.
  7. Special Discounts: Cardholders are eligible for special discounts and promotions at participating hotels, restaurants, and other partner establishments. These discounts are crafted to enhance the lifestyle of Reserve members, allowing them to savor the best of what Thailand has to offer at reduced prices.

Eligibility and Application

To apply for the Thailand Privilege Visa Reserve Membership, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria. They should possess:

  • a valid passport
  • must not have any criminal record in their home country or in Thailand
  • should not be classified as prohibited immigrants under Thai immigration laws

The application process involves filling out the necessary forms, submitting required documents, and paying the application fee. After the review and approval of the application, members can start enjoying the exclusive benefits that come with the Reserve Membership.

Membership Package Pricing Details

  • Validity: The membership is valid for over 20 years.
  • Cost: The price for acquiring the membership is 5 million THB (equivalent to approximately $138,000 USD).
  • Privilege Points: Members are allotted 120 privilege points annually. Any unused points will not be carried over to the next year.

Accessible only through invitation, Thailand Privilege Visa Reserve Membership offers an array of unmatched benefits to a selected few. From extended stays to elite personal assistance, the Reserve Membership is crafted to offer a luxurious and comfortable living experience in the enchanting land of Thailand. With its myriad of exclusive features, this membership undoubtedly serves as a golden ticket to a privileged Thai lifestyle.

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