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Thailand Privilege Visa Diamond Membership

For global travelers seeking an unparalleled experience of Thailand’s majestic landscapes, captivating cultures, and vibrant urban life, the Thailand Privilege Visa Diamond Membership offers an enticing gateway. This exclusive Thailand Elite Visa membership is designed for affluent individuals desiring extended stays in Thailand with a bouquet of privileges, guaranteeing a lavish and hassle-free stay in the mesmerizing Southeast Asian paradise.

Exclusive Benefits

Prolonged Stay Privileges

With the Diamond Membership, visitors enjoy a renewable five-year visa that eliminates the need for frequent renewals, allowing them to immerse deeply into the Thai experience. This long-term visa is ideal for retirees, business travelers, and those wishing to make Thailand their second home.

Premium Airport Services

From the moment members land, a premium experience unfolds. With expedited immigration services, access to VIP lounges, and personalized airport transfers, Diamond members glide through airports with ease and style.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Health and wellbeing are prioritized, with members receiving comprehensive health check-ups and access to Thailand’s top-tier medical facilities. The membership also includes various wellness packages to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle amidst the scenic beauty of Thailand.

Exclusive Lifestyle Privileges

Diamond members relish in exclusive access to golf clubs, spas, hotels, and dining establishments, often with preferential rates and priority services. These lifestyle perks are curated to cater to the exquisite tastes and preferences of the membership holders.

Personal Assistance Services

To ensure a seamless experience, members have access to a personal assistant who provides concierge services, assisting with legal procedures, translation, and other essential tasks. This support ensures members can navigate Thai life effortlessly.

Eligibility and Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be foreign nationals.
  • A non-refundable membership fee is required.
  • The application necessitates financial documentation showcasing the ability to sustain an extended stay in Thailand.

Application Process

  1. Fill out and submit all necessary forms and documentation to your Thai Elite Agent.
    • Documentation can be transmitted through various channels: email, WhatsApp, Line, or traditional mail.
  2. Undergo a background check, which will be conducted by the Thai Immigration authorities.
  3. Once the approval letter and invoice are received, proceed to pay the designated fees to the Thailand Privilege Card.
  4. Following payment, wait for the arrival of your welcome letter and membership ID.
    • Optional: Applicants may choose to apply for a membership card at this stage.
  5. After receiving your new visa, attach it securely to your travel documents.

Membership Fee

The DIAMOND Membership comes at a premium cost reflecting the value and exclusivity of the services offered.

  • Membership Fee: The membership is priced at 2.5 million Baht (around $68,300 USD)
  • Additional Member Fee: An additional charge of 1.5 million Baht (equivalent to approximately $41,000 USD) for family members.
  • Duration: The membership boasts a validity of 15 years.
  • Privileges Points: Members receive 55 privilege points annually. Any unused points will not be carried over to the next year.

Final Thought

The Thailand Privilege Visa Diamond Membership is a golden ticket for discerning travelers seeking a superior Thai experience. With its extended stay privileges, premium services, and exclusive access to the finest that Thailand has to offer, the membership is a worthwhile investment for those aiming for nothing short of extraordinary in their Thai adventures. Before applying, prospective members should carefully review the eligibility criteria and consult with the TPC to understand the membership’s full benefits and responsibilities. With the Diamond Membership, a dazzling Thai lifestyle awaits.

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